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A Spotlight on Mowers

Mowers come in a range of different styles and uses. Whether you live on a farm, operate a business or live on large land, having the correct mower on hand is ideal in keeping your grass manicured and healthy. From grass mowers to inter-row mowers, each is tailored to the job at hand. The new year calls for new toys and tools and Farmgard has the mower for you in 2022.


Why Do You Need to Mow?

Whether it’s your home, farm or business, mowing your lawn is crucial in maintaining your environment. Keeping your lawn and grass trimmed and manicured increases its lateral growth and makes it more lush and thick. Regular mowing also assists in decreasing disease, pests and weeds, so it’s recommended to keep on top of it. If you live in bushfire prone areas, having an overgrown lawn can also increase the chances of fire striking.


Inter-Row Mowers

Designed to cut grass and shrubs situated around trees, signs and any other obstacle, an inter-row mower is manoeuvrable and versatile. Offering a clear cut and productivity, this style of mower is ideal for orchards and the like.

Farmgard’s range of Grass mowers and Abbey Parts and machinery that, reduce the use of sprays, making them the perfect tool for orchardist use. Packed with durable features, a Grass mower is a sure way to make your farm, orchard or home mowing easier.


Grass Mowers

Ideal for any type of grass mowing, this style of mowers offers a range of innovative features. Keeping your lawn manicured is ideal in preventing pests and disease and also increases the abundance of the growth.

These heavy duty grass mowers from Farmgard feature dual headstock for mounting on front or rear of tractor (EKR-S), durable double skin enclosed construction for rigidity, fully enclosed rotor bearings, sliding offset headstock, reliable hammer flails and a rear roller. With additional hydraulic sideshift ‘Y’ flails and double free wheel in gearbox (EKR-S) options, your grass mower can be suited to your needs.


The Berti Brand

Boasting durable, tough gear, the Berti brand is stocked through Farmgard. This reliable brand’s grass mowers offer displaceable and reversible 3-point linkage, additional wheel in the gearbox, forged and hardened hammers, adjustable features and mechanical side shift, ideal for any environment.

Want to know more about our mowers? Farmgard’s talented and reliable team is here to help. Get in touch today to see how your farm, orchid or home can benefit from a Farmgard product.

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