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How to Buy Right Mower

Any piece of farming equipment is an investment, and when you’re deciding which piece to buy, you want to be sure that the piece you choose is A) well suited to the task at hand, and B) durable and reliable enough that you won’t have to spend a lot of time and money on maintenance, repair, or replacement a few months or a year down the line. In this blog, we discuss how to choose the right mower for your farm.


Types of Mowers

There are many different types of machinery used for pasture maintenance that often fall under the umbrella term “mower,” and while they perform a similar function, the differences in how these machines operate mean they are not all suitable for the same applications.

In our last blog, we look at slashers and mulchers, the different settings to which each is suited, and the relative merits of both.

Here, we are going to focus on finishing mowers.

Finishing Mowers

As the name suggests, finishing mowers are designed to keep your grass neat and tidy once excessive growth has been removed, they are not suited to use with very long grass, which is best handled by an orchard mulcher or flailer.

A finishing mower head mounts to the front or back of your tractor, essentially turning the tractor into a ride-on mower. A benefit of finishing mower heads is that they are more affordable than buying a ride-on mower and perform the same function just as well, making them a great option for cost-conscious farmers.


Inter-Row Mowers

An inter-row mower is a specialise mechanism design for mowing the grass between obstacles such as trees, fence posts, and guard rails. Inter-row mowers feature a specialised mower disc on a mechanical arm that attaches to the back or front of a tractor and floats above the ground. When the disk comes into contact with an obstacle such as a tree trunk, it is gently pushed back on its arm, moving around the obstacle before coming to rest back around in its original position. Inter-row mowers are usually used in conjunction with finishing mower heads.


Farmgard’s Range of Mowers by Berti

Mower Farmgard NZ

Berti Machine Agricole is an Italian manufacturer of farming machinery. Run by the same family for over sixty years, BERTI has become known around the world for high-quality, reliable engineering of equipment for the maintenance and clearing of green spaces in urban, rural, and agricultural settings.

The Berti Mechanical Disc-Mower is perfect for the control of weeds in orchards and vineyards. It features manual tilt and height adjustment, with a 650mm disk that is attached to an adjustable swing arm. The mechanism is powered by the hydraulics of the tractor.

The Berti Grass Mower head includes a displaceable and reversible 3-point linkage with mechanical side shift, an adjustable rear roller, and a freewheel in the gearbox. Other benefits include fully enclosed rotor bearings, heavy duty hammer flails, sliding offset headstock and a heavy duty double skin for rigidity.


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