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Getting the Finest Mulch to Prevent Disease

Flourishing orchards and vineyards depend heavily on the soil’s ability to prevent diseases.

Choosing the right mulcher will not only help you prevent the spread of diseases, but will also improve the overall quality of your soil by retaining moisture, enhancing the exchange of nutrients, and suppressing weed growth.

There are so many different mulchers available, so it’s essential to choose the one that guarantees you consistent results. In this blog, we’ll show you why BERTI’s state-of-the-art equipment is the best choice for all your large-scale mulching needs.

Why Is Mulching So Important?

Mulching properly can prevent a lot of problems entering your orchard or vineyard. Mulching decreases the prevalence of pests and their transmission of diseases like powdery mildew and bacterial wilt. It also saves water by reducing the rate of evaporation from the soil and prevents further problems related to water uptake, like blossom end rot.
Using organic mulch also adds essential organic matter to the soil. This ultimately improves the overall soil health, resilience and biodiversity. Mulching even regulates soil temperature. Plastic tends to warm the soil which is great for heat-loving crops. On the other hand, organic mulch like straw cools the soil and helps reduce heat stress that leaves plants susceptible to infection.

Mulching Equipment

If you’re looking to transform wasteland into pasture, or simply looking to improve the soil quality of your already established farmland, then look no further than Farmgard’s BERTI range. Boasting gear that’s trusted for its durability and performance, BERTI have developed their innovative to produce the finest mulch to prevent disease. Take the PICKER/C for example – refined for optimum mulching of your winter prunings:


This mulcher is suited for mulching and collecting wooden material up to 8cm in diameter, and is ideal for mulching on larger scale operations such as in vineyards and orchards.

Suited for tractors that run from 60 to 140 HP, the mulched material is collected by the container and not messily spread to the ground. The machine works well on all possible terrains, even on the stony grounds where the other mulchers and shredders are not able to operate.

The aim of the PICKER/C is to collect the mulched material and not collect grass or stones from the ground. The container, built from steel, is equipped with a dual cover: the first half allowing for inspection, and the second allows material to slide down during the discharge operations. The PICKER/C operates in a high position, above ground level, away from dangerous matter like stones or rocks.

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