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BERTI Scrub Mulching

Do you need to clear land, fast? If methods such as grubbing, dozing or burning seem a little too invasive – then you should consider scrub mulching.

Scrub mulching is the method of clearing unwanted growth on many types of terrains and environments. It saves an enormous amount of both time and money.

Usually applied in heavy-duty forestry, scrub mulching is ideal for land restoration as it leaves the root system intact, helping prevent soil erosion, and also leaves a layer of woody mulch in its path which will eventually rot and return nutrients to the ground. Not only that, but mulching also helps keep the soil cooler during hot days and warmer during the cooler winter days.

In this blog, we explore the range of BERTI scrub mulchers that are ideal for a wide range of land clearing purposes, depending on the diameter of the scrub and trees you are clearing.


If you need a sturdy, durable, and adaptable mulcher for uncultivated vegetation, underwood and forestry residue – then the Berti ECF-MD is an ideal solution for you.

This medium duty forestry mulcher has a 360-degree swinging hammer flail and is ideal for prunings, scrub, branches, and other plant matter up to 150mm in diameter.

The BERTI ECF-MD is perfect for tractors that operate from 80 to 130 HP. Its double chassis, fixed 3-point linkage, and hydraulic adjustment of rear hood enhance the ride for a smoother and easier operation.


This unique medium-duty forestry mulcher has a hydraulic side shift that is suited for shelter belt contractors, with your choice of a swinging hammer or fixed tooth rotor.

The BERTI ECF/EFC-MD is ideal for mulching shelterbelt trimmings and wood up to 200mm diameter and best suited to be hooked up to tractors that operate at 110 – 160 HP.

Not only that, but the ECF/EFC-MD also has a hydraulic opening tailgate with dual rams, which makes loading and unloading this state-of-the-art piece of machinery a breeze.


And finally, BERTI’s heavy hitter.

If you want a powerful, heavy-duty, forestry mulcher – then look no further than the ECF. Built for tractors that run between 90 and 250 HP, this mulcher is ideal for mulching trees and other thick plant matter that measures up to 330mm in diameter. The 160 hp rated gearbox (250 hp on double drive model), and heavy-duty fixed headstock make this piece of machinery durable and reliable, even in the toughest of terrains.

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When done correctly, mulching can be incredibly beneficial to your vineyards, orchards, and many kinds of farming land.

It’s a great way of reusing plant matter that would otherwise waste and decay on the ground, and is beneficial to the overall health and aesthetic appeal to your farmland.

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