The Advantages of Spike Rotors

With hard spikes and the ability to move over rough soil, spike rotors are quite efficient when it comes to getting the tough work done. When you look through rotary hoes for sale, opting for a spike rotor instead definitely has its advantages. In this blog, we’ll go over the benefits of choosing a spike rotor and how they work.

What are Spike Rotors?

Spike rotors work in a similar way to normal rotary hoes – they rotate in the same way, moving in an anticlockwise direction, but they are designed with durable spikes that make the machines more suitable to work in soil that has rougher conditions.

Ability to Handle Tough Conditions

Spike rotors can work in a variety of environments, being able to pass over stones and work in a wider range of soil conditions than a rotary hoe. These type of rotors also have an advantage over power harrows, as power harrows will try to break stones up while spike rotors can simply pass over them.

Tilth Consistency

Always at the right angle, spike rotors can effectively cover ground using less power than a power harrow. The design of the rotor helps to move the machine forwards, meaning that the machine doesn’t have to work as much to keep moving. Power-saving means keeping the machine at its optimal condition for much longer and less maintenance work!


Since spike rotors can work on higher speeds, they can cover more ground within a day. The efficiency of spike rotors means saving on fuel and getting the job done a lot faster. The blades on spike rotors also prevent pan build-up, as they are effective at breaking up pan.

Pasture Renovation

Effective at penetrating soil, spike rotors are also suitable for renovating rough pasture, with the durability to handle tough surfaces. During a pasture renovation, disturbing the soil is beneficial, to initiate the germination process.

Ceili Fixed-Width Spike Rotor

Farmgard distributes the exceptionally designed Ceili spike rotor. This spike rotor can work with a large range of seedbed finishes with its two piece tailgates, and can effectively pass over once in primary conditions.

Designed for long life, the rotor bearings are completely protected from foreign material such as wire and water, with the Ceili-exclusive multi flange waterproof sealing system. The rotors also have steel face-to-face rotor seals to make them last longer, while the rotor bearings are oil fitted for consistent lubrication and easy long-term maintenance. Overheating and power loss are also prevented with its multi-speed gearboxes.

Farmgard Can Help!

At Farmgard, not only do we provide durable, top-quality products, but we provide exceptional after-sales support. Holding innovation and expertise as two of our core values, we strive to work with the top farm machinery brands around the world, offering our customers the best of the best.

Need help choosing a spike rotor? Learn more about our Celli fixed-width spike rotor harrow on our website.

To speak to someone at Farmgard about our products and services, call 1800 FARMGARD today. We are available to give advice 24 hours!

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