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What’s So Good About A Power Harrow?

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What’s So Good About A Power Harrow?

If you want to prepare your soil for planting, then you’re going to need a harrow. Harrows finely break up the soil to create the best conditions for seed.

In general, harrowing comes after ploughing and can successfully break up even the most compact of ground. In countries like NZ, with varied soil and wet weather conditions, this is certainly good news.

Thanks to their heavy design, power harrows and power parts NZ wide are capable of getting through deep soil. With the Celli Power Harrow range available at Farmgard NZ, you can even get through some of the most compacted soil in a single pass.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s so good about our Celli Power Harrows.

The Benefits of Power Harrows for Soil Preparation in NZ

All NZ farmers are familiar with difficult soil conditions and terrain. In fact, soil compaction represents a worrying trend that is negatively affecting our vineyards. Thankfully, mechanical loosing techniques are a readily available solution, coupled with good soil management, such as raising soil organic matter and calcium levels. So how can our Celli Power Harrows help you regain control over your soil conditions and improve your farm operations? Read on:

Plus Points of a Celli Harrow for Soil Preparation:

 1. Celli Power Harrows effortlessly produce levelled ground suitable for farming.

2. Celli Power Harrows easily remove weeds while texturising the ground.

3. Celli Power Harrows can be used for more than just harrowing, they can also help you prepare dirty trails and roads, or be used for construction site preparation.

4. You can even use a Celli Power Harrow for rodeo site preparation and sports fields!

5. Celli Power Harrows provide you with a finer seedbed, thanks to their extra rotors, in combination with vertical, sliding side plates that contain the soil as it’s worked.

Mechanical Plus Points of a Celli Power Harrow:

1.Our Celli Power Harrows have a fully welded gearbed for greater rigidity.

2. Celli Harrows also come with boron steel tines for serious toughness.

3. Thanks to the 15 degree rotor timing, our Celli Harrows reduce horsepower demand and fuel consumption.

4. The 45 degree moving side plates give you that ultimate flat finish.

5. You also benefit from hardened gears for a long lasting machine.

See Our Celli Power Harrows in Action

Get Your Own Celli Power Harrow from Farmgard NZ

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