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Winter Products For Ground Preparation

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Winter Products For Ground Preparation

It’s that time of year again when you need to start thinking about what you need to ensure you are prepared for the cooler seasons. At Farmgard, we supply quality farm machinery sales including Rotary Hoes, Power harrows, Mulchers, Mixer wagons and much more to get you prepared for Winter. 

Rotary Hoes

Our range of rotary hoes for sale are built tough and built to last. These smart designs offer a rigid steel frame with a unique triple sealing system to keep water, dirt, and other objects from causing harm to bearings. The drive unit is at the core of the machine that is designed and produced by Celli that enables complete quality control over all componentry and workmanship. 

Power Harrows

At Farmgard we offer a range of Power Harrow tractors.

  1. Tractors from 40-250 HP – These range in size from 1 m, for tight spaces, to 4.5 m, and suit tractors from 40 to 250 hp. Extra rotors, in combination with vertical, sliding side plates that contain the soil as it is worked, producing a finer seedbed.
  2. Folding Power Harrows from 150-450 HP – Celli’s folding power harrows come in sizes from 4 m to 8 m wide, suited to the gruntiest tractors. These harrows can include a stone protection system to reduce wear on the rotors, and to avoid jamming. For simplified and faster maintenance, you can order yours with a reliable, quick-release tines system.

Front Rear Mount Mulcher

The Products you need for Vineyard and Orchard Pruning, we offer tractors from 50-150 HP. Double your efficiency with a front-mounted mulcher. Ideal for orchards and roadside mowing. Fully enclosed rotor bearings, sliding offset headstock, and heavy-duty hammer flails add up to powerfully robust construction.

Mixer Wagons For Winter Feed Pads _

Single Auger Mixer Wagons

Tractors from 80 HP upwards – All Abbey mixer wagons have 20mm base plate steel and a Digi Star weighing system, known for reliability. Four weigh bars give consistent and accurate weighing, offering greater stability compared with three-bar systems. They have wide left and right-side doors for even feeding. 

Twin Auger Mixer Wagons

Tractors from 100 HP upwards – The ten, twin vertical auger feed mixer wagons, from 15m3 to 33m3, are ideal for operators who want more capacity without extra height while maintaining quality. Despite the extra capacity, wagons in this range remain easy to manoeuvre.

Why Farmgard?

A trusted brand that began over 40 years ago with our iconic Farmgard grader blade. Our core values of honesty, innovation, customer focus, expertise and built-to-last machinery remain the same. 

At Farmgard, we’re the leading experts when it comes to importing and distributing the top international farm machinery. Our brands include Abbey, Berti, Celli, RZ and Stanhay, to Contractors, Farmers, Growers, Vineyards and Orchards throughout Australasia. 

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